It happens. Drains clog over time, but you can stop it from happening by conducting regular drain inspections. At AJ McDonald we offer effective and easy home maintenance service that will put your plumbing system in better shape than ever before.

Prevent Drain Clogs

Do your drains clog all the time? Watch what you pour down the drain. Ideally, they are meant for just passing water. But usually hair, soap residue, food particles, oil, and other junk gets through the pipes when you wash dishes or take a bath. Try to minimize these things from getting inside the drain.

Every week pour hot water into the drain. This will help clear out the drains without harming them with harsh drain chemicals. You can also try a baking soda and vinegar mix every other week. Pour a tablespoon of baking soda into your drain. Add vinegar to it and let it fizz and follow up with a bowl of hot water.

Eliminate Foul Odors

That gunk smell coming out of the drain pipes can be a great put-off. Your kitchen sink may be smelling because of a dried p-trap or bacteria growing inside the pipes. Simple hot water can do the trick sometimes, but if it’s a stubborn smell try a mix of baking soda and lemon. This works similarly to the fizz effect of vinegar, but it smells better. Add baking soda to your kitchen drain. Pour down lemon juice and let it fizz. Again, follow up with hot water.

Dirty Kitchen Sinks

Did you know that your kitchen sink could be housing more bacteria than your toilet? It’s true. Dirty overnight plates can be making your kitchen sinks breeding grounds for bacteria like e-coli. To avoid this, wash your dishes as they get dirty. Give your kitchen sink an anti-bacterial wash every week. For this, fill up your sink half-way with hot water. Add a cup or two of bleach. Let it sit till the water cools down. The bleach has anti-bacterial properties and that’s why it’s the best way to kill all those bacteria.  

Clean out the Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal, it’s best to get it cleaned every week to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Turn on the disposal. Pour ice cubes down your drain pipes. Follow up with good old vinegar. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can chase up those ice cubes with some lemon rinds.

Regular Check-ups

You can’t see what’s happening in your drain pipes. You can’t tell if bacteria is growing right under your drain pipes without you ever knowing. Regular check-ups by experienced plumbers can solve this problem. They know what to look for. Once in a while, they may even conduct sewer camera inspection to show you what lurks in those shadows.

If you are frustrated of constantly clogged drains, it’s best to call experienced plumbers. Give us a call when you’re at your wit’s end. AJ McDonald offers drain inspection reviews for your homes. Our goal is to make home maintenance easier and less hectic.